The Viennese Silver Collection Bloch-Bauer/Pick

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The Bloch-Bauer/Pick Collection is the only Viennese collection of its kind to have been preserved in this unity throughout and beyond the terror of the Nazi regime. Consisting of individual pieces of superlative quality capable of communicating to us the artistic skills of past epochs, its exceptional value lies in the cultural and historical message. It was compiled from dealers and at auctions in Vienna, Berlin and Paris between 1900 and 1938 and bears witness to a world violently destroyed by false prophets. This world, mainly borne by the Jewish haute-bourgeoisie, was the refined and cultivated Vienna of the early twentieth century, one of the most creative laboratories of the modern age.

Published by Elisabeth Sturm-Bednarczyk. Texts by Tobias Meyer, Erich Scheidl, Elisabeth Sturm-Bednarczyk, Christian Witt-Döring, Barbara Kamler-Wild.

120 pages, ca 200 color illustrations
29,5 x 48,5 cm, hardcover
Vienna, 2008