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Designed by Clemens Auer

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A piece of universal design. 

A new archetype of a tool that basically has not changed over the past centuries. The gesture of thumb and index finger forming a pinching gesture were the inspiration for these simple tweezers. It is a poetic and intuitive translation of an image that feels just natural into a simple product. It is made of a single steel strip. It allows different ways of grabbing, using, pinching, different way of ergonomics. It form and size allows female and male as well as other sizes to grab it securely.

Clemens Auer is an Austrian product designer based in Vienna, working in the fields of product design, lighting design and industrial design. As a designer he is searching for the simple yet astonishing. Within poetic design he is interested in the essence of something, of its nature or a gesture, trying to learn and transfer it into something new. His work approach can be outlined as interest in “Rethinking typologies” through investigating the “Character and behavior of things”.

Winner German Design Award 2016 & Winner Wallpaper Design Award 2015

Length: 5,50 cm Width: 4,00 cm Height: 1,00 cm
Including metal box.