Strategies of a Viennese Architecture Group 1970–1980

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This book offers an in-depth look at the work of one of the most important phenomena of Austria’s avant-garde art and architecture scene of the 1970s, MISSING LINK. The group founded by Angela Hareiter, Otto Kapfinger, and Adolf Krischanitz took on interdisciplinary projects that sought lines of connection between people, architecture, art, urbanity, and the social fabric, and expanded the repertoire of architecture to include experimental concepts. The result was a multi-layered and highly regarded body of work that includes artistic installations, objects, paintings, drawings, and posters, as well as urban sociological studies, actions, and experimental television films. This volume combines a comprehensive ‘catalogue raisonné’ with numerous, mostly hitherto unpublished images.

Editors: Lilli Hollein, Sebastian Hackenschmidt (MAK Vienna)
Authors: Anna Dabernig, Sebastian Hackenschmidt

332 pages, 85 Illustrations, 240 Coloured Illustrations
16 x 24 cm, paperback
MAK, Vienna / Birkhäuser Verlag, 2022