Hamam towel
Designed by LeStoff / MAK Edition

29,00 €

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Don't call me a towel. My name is LE STOFF!

I am home and travel related, of traditional Ottoman artisanal origin, and made of 100% cotton. Although I am very compact, weighing only 275 g, I am by no means small! I measure 100 x 180 cm.

I fold down to nothing, so I'm easy to pack and carry. I absorb as much water as your bath towel but compared to my thick cousin, I dry very quickly since my weight is only about a third of his.
Using less energy for washing and drying makes me very eco friendly, and don't forget, the more you wash me, the cosier and softer I get.. I'm your most versatile companion - the perfect bath and travel item, home decor statement, picnic blanket, spa companion, a great workout, yoga and water-sports accessory, marine and urban life escort. I can be a sun shade sail, baby wrap or even a pet blanket!
You will appreciate my warmth as a chic shawl on cool summer nights, and will love me breezing around your hips as a pareo or tied around your neck as a casual beach dress.
In short: you will love all my talents. 

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