Furniture in the Air

Furniture in the Air
The Crystal Chandelier in Europe

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Peter Rath, senior partner of the Vienna glass manufactory J. & L. LOBMEYR, which has been family-owned and operated for almost 200 years, has closed a gap in the European history of glass with the presentation of the up-to-now unpublished archive of Josef Holey (1899–1986), which he has edited and supplemented. As a master craftsman, he has created an unusual reference work focusing on the hardly known chandelier culture in the former Habsburg regions, from early times to the present. It is the goal of Peter Rath to re-evaluate the crystal and glass chandelier as the most precious object of art of prestigious interiors in the context of the European history of glass and to advance research. The publication also strives to establish a modern definition of cultivated lighting with planned shadow regions in the room by presenting such concepts. FURNITURE IN THE AIR, with its many rare historical photos and comparative illustrations, is already an indispensable reference work for manufacturers of chandeliers, scholars of art, curators of monuments, architects, antique dealers, museums, and schools. It provides the foundation for in-depth research into chandeliers in Central Europe in art scholarship. The chandelier as furniture in the air originates as a total work of art in discursive cooperation between artist-designers, architects, and chandelier makers in accordance with the wishes of clients. It brings the style of its time into the room.

Size: 26,5 x 21,5 cm
396 pages, with several illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-99028-891-7