Design between Archaic and High Tech

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Design by EOOS originates in a domain between archaic and hightech. With their “Poetical Analysis” the Viennese design studio devised a unique research tool for contemporary interpretations of rituals, intuitive images, and myths. EOOS’s unfailingly reduced material and formal language permeates a broad spectrum of works, from interior and furniture design for offices and homes to product design for everyday objects.

This monograph has been published on the occasion of the solo exhibition EOOS, which the MAK dedicated to the studio for their 20-year jubilee (28.1.–17.5.2015).

Edited by EOOS and MAK. With a comprehensive list of works and texts by Thomas Geisler, Katarina V. Posch, and Christoph Thun-Hohenstein as well as stories by EOOS on EOOS.

300 pages, numerous illustrations
31 x 21 cm, hardcover
MAK, Vienna / Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel 2015