Eva Schlegel. In Between

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In Between presents Eva Schlegel’s works created for the eponymous exhibition at MAK, and also documents her broad spectrum of artistic creation, from pornographic varnish paintings to exhibition installations and spatial interventions through to current works in lead.

A pivotal point in Schlegel’s artistic oeuvre is the opposition between the material and ephemeral, which she thematizes in different contexts. Eva Schlegel, one of the outstanding artists of her generation, has experimented since the start of her career with various techniques, such as photography, video, graphite, varnish, and lead, and has linked her works with architecture, installations, and interventions.

Published for the exhibition of the same title (8.12.2010–1.5.2011) at the MAK.

Edited by Peter Noever, with texts by Jacqueline Burckhardt, Bettina M. Busse, Thomas Macho, Peter Noever, August Ruhs, and Ingo Taubhorn.

200 pages, ca. 100 illustrations
32 x 24 cm, softcover with PVC-cover
MAK, Vienna / Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, 2010