Limited Edition silkscreen

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Design: Stefan Sagmeister & Jessica Walsh, 2018

This exceptional silkscreen was created by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh on the occasion of the MAK exhibition 'SAGMEISTER & WALSH: Beauty'.
The gradient of the blue poster is printed in a technique called split-screen, where the gradient is achieved by pouring the colors directly onto the screen, - they mix naturally. This way every poster is slightly different. This requires a great silk screen printer: in this case Sagmeister & Walsh worked together with Serigraphy Uldry from Switzerland.

Stefan Sagmeister is a renowned New York-based graphic designer, storyteller and typographer.

Silkscreen 2-coloured: split-screen with turquoise, ultramarine and black.
Paper: Lessebo Smooth White 200gr.
Format: A1 59.4 x 84.1 cm
Limited edition, 150 pieces.