Salt shaker Angie
Designed by Schantl

25,00 €

including 4,17 € (20.0% VAT) plus shipping

Angie, a mouth-blown salt shaker made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, is an astonishing piece of design both for its form and function, and is nothing short of a classic.

Incline Angie by 180 degrees and shake it sideways to make the salt grains move over the glass nose and trickle out. Shake it more or less vigorously to get the desired amount of salt.

Austrian designer Martin Schantl’s handmade, blown lamps have caused quite a sensation before. His salt shaker is a wonderful piece of traditional Austrian craftsmanship; it comes with a manual as to how to use and clean Angie.

Height: 7,00 cm Diameter: 4,00 cm