Cutlery / Flatware Set Rundes Modell Josef Hoffmann
Produced by Alessi

207,50 €

including 9,88 € (5.0% VAT) plus shipping

Designed by Josef Hoffmann in 1906, the Rundes Modell cutlery fully respected the design guidelines of the Wiener Werkstätte, of which the designer was one of the founders: functionality and practicality together with the refined processing of the materials. In 2000 Alessi reissued a version of this historic service in 18/10 stainless steel. In 2015 Alessi unveils a new version with a reduced assortment compared with the original service.

Included are 10 pieces. The place setting spoon comes in two versions: the original one with the side-on bowl, and the version with the bowl coaxial to the handle.

- table spoon (length: 18,00 cm)

- table spoon original (length: 21,00 cm)

- table fork (length: 21,50 cm)

- table knife (length: 21,50 cm)

- dessert fork (length: 10,00 cm)

- dessert knife (length: 18,00 cm)

- mocca spoon (length: 10,00 cm)

- tea spoon (length: 14,00 cm)

- fish fork (length: 19,00 cm)

- fish knife (length: 19,00 cm)